Financial problems are common across the globe. No matter what you do or how much you earn but being in financial trouble increases your stress level and everyday problems, we help you to get away from this.

📌 OZGiAN 24/7 Support Chat Team Listen to your financial issues and advise you. Also, redirect you to the matching experts and financial institutions as per your requirements for a quick solution.

📌 We educate the public on all the different types of financial and investment products available in the money market as well as the capital market through various informative posts, awareness campaigns and webinars. 

📌 We help you with Loan Harassment & Blackmailing Cases.

📌 We help the victim of banking/financial/investment fraud.

📌 We offer counselling on serious psychological issues borne because of persistent financial problems. 

📌 We are working to promote development finance at micro and macro levels. Our team provides information on projects operated by various development finance institutions such as MFI/Banks and apex bodies example - NABARD / SIDBI etc. 

📌 We offer various subscriptions that keep you fit financially at a very nominal subscription fee.

ODFC 🇮🇳 North East √ WhatsApp 💬 8850585672


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